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Top 5 Blog SEO Tips

Wednesday, February 10, 2010 -

Search Engine Optimisation has become such a large part of having a website now, that there are many companies out there that do nothing but help you develop your SEO rankings. Your website is created of many different sections, each with different requirements for SEO. Your blog is a great way of keeping the information on your website fresh and constantly changing, and therefore, we bring you our top 5 tips for search engine optimisation of your blog.

  • Link up
  • Keyword Your Title
  • Use and Optimise Images
  • Submit Your Blog
  • Update Your Blog and Stick With It

Link Up

Getting links is one of the most popular ways to get your site in the good books with search engines. For you blog this can be done in a variety of ways. The obvious is be creating posts that are for lack of a better word ‘link-worthy’. The most popular types of posts are the ‘how to’s’ and ‘Top 10 tips & hints’. These work really well so long as they are relevant to your blog. Linking to other blogs through your posts helps keep your information relevant, giving references for our post, along with increasing your SEO. Another way is by writing a review of another’s blog post, and putting a link of your blog post into the comments of the blog post you reviewed. Contextual internal linking will help get your previous blog posts some views which will also help with your SEO.

Keyword Your Posts

Creating a strong title that contains the words that most people will use to search for the topics will help get people looking at your post. To find out what keywords you should be looking at you could try looking at some of the keyword suggestion tools out in the world such as Overture and Wordtracker. Help feed the spiders by also placing your keywords within the body of your text. Don’t get too crazy with this though, putting your keywords in too much will cause the spiders to pull that page out of the searches.

Use and Optimise Images

Using images will make your blog look visually appealing, however they can also help your SEO ranking. Firstly, name your images with relevant names. For example if you have a jpeg image of a blue pen the name of the image should be ‘blue-pen.jpg’. If you have more information on the pen, put that in the name of it as well. Such as ‘Bic-blue-pen.jpg’. When people search images they will look for something specific, naming your images so will bring them to your blog’s door step. Also use the title tag of your bloging software. These title will be swallowed up by the search engine’s spiders, and indexed for searching purposes. Whatever you do, please do not leave the standard name created by you camera (ie. DSC00145).

Submit your blog to the major search engines

By submitting your blog to the search engine they are going to know that your site is out there. To do this all you have to do is go to the search engines that you want to submit to and type in ‘submit blog’. They will show you the rest of the way.

Update Your Blog and Stick With It

Changing your content is vital to creating a successful blog. A site that is active with changing information is going to rank higher then any site that is static, as there are many website out there in the world and the search engines are going to think that your site is doing nothing if... it’s doing nothing. Many websites and blogs are created and within three weeks they are abandoned. If you are consistently posting over the space of a year or two years, your blog’s rankings will go up.



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