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How important is an online business presence?

Monday, July 19, 2010 -

These days it doesn't particularly matter what sort of a business you run or service you provide - customers will expect some form of online presence. If you don't provide it, chances are you are missing out on potential customers. More and more customers are searching for services and businesses online as oppose to using a traditional means such as a phone book.

The few main reasons for this are;

  • Ease of access - Just type in what you want and your search engine will find it right away. No more flicking through pages upon pages of a phone book to get to the right business category.

  • Additional ways to narrow down your search - Maybe you want to find the nearest business to your home. A phone book has locations of course, but it isn't very efficient to find where each business is and then work out which is closest. On the other hand, a quick "Hairdressers near Mooloolaba" search on Google Maps will bring up a map that has all the hairdressers near Mooloolaba marked, so you can easily find what you want.

  • More detailed information - A business that has a website can use this to show potential customers so much more information than any form of traditional advertising. Contact details, images of your product, customer testimonials, pricing, detailed product descriptions etc. all viewable at the customers leisure and convenience.

  • Can be access anywhere, anytime - With so many mobile devices having internet access, many customers use them to find out information on businesses and products while they are away from home. Consider if your car broke down and needed to be towed, but you didn't have the details for a towing company nearby. You could easily go online on your phone, do a quick search for towing companies in your area and get their contact information to call them.

Besides all of the above, the simple fact is that internet use is more widely spread than ever before (an estimated 80% of all Australians have internet access). Having an online business presence is a cost effective way of gaining new customers and getting your brand name out there, whether it's with a simple brochure type website or a fully fledged e-commerce shop website.

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