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Important Notice: Security and Mail Upgrades for your Online Business



This is a notification that the hosting vendor for your Online Business will be making a major system upgrade that will require you to reset or change your password to continue using the system. If you are using hosted email i.e you can access your email account by going to; this migration may affect your ability to view existing emails in your inbox for up to 72 hours.

  • What is happening: Vendor is releasing a system-wide security and email infrastructure upgrade. Vendor is migrating mail accounts from existing infrastructure to new mail infrastructure
  • Migration Start Time: 1:00AM Friday 28 January 2011 (US Pacific) Check local times
  • Migration End Time: 1:00AM Monday 31 January 2011 (US Pacific) Check local times
  • Duration: 72 hours for full mail migration- although most accounts will be migrated in less time
  • Customer Impact: All users are required to reset/update passwords after the migration begins. Users with hosted email will not have access to existing mail in their mailboxes until it is migrated to their new mailboxes.

Steps you need to take

During the next few days, upon attempting to login either through your current desktop e-mail client (using POP3 or IMAP) or through the webmail interface, your login credentials will stop working and you'll receive an "Invalid username or password" error.

Upon receiving this error, the steps you'll need to take are:

If you have access to the site's Admin Console (ie. you're an Admin user with email enabled):

  1. Login in site Admin with the user account for which you wish to perform a password change
  2. Go Home -> My Details -> Change Password form
  3. Enter old password and new password twice, and save the changes

This will result in the password being changed for both Admin and email access.

Changing your password via the Webmail login interface ('re an "email only" user)

  1. Go to Webmail as per usual (eg:
  2. At the login screen you'll see a message that requests you perform a password update: "For security reasons, you will need to reset your password. Please go here to change your password."
  3. Clicking on Change password link will load a form where you can update your password.
  4. Enter your e-mail address, old password and new password twice, then save the changes

Once you have updated your password, you'll be able to login to the webmail interface, or through your desktop email client using the new password.

Please Note: Upon logging in with your new password, you will not see your old e-mail in the web interface or via IMAP, as we will be migrating e-mail to the new service following password upgrade. This means that your e-mail inbox and folders will look empty. Please wait a few days until the migration is complete for the older emails to appear.

Kind Regards,
Online Business Console.

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