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Writing an Effective Blog Post

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 -

Web logs or Blogs are quickly becoming one of the most effective tools within a business’s arsenal to successfully brand themselves as leaders in their industry, along with elevating their websites’ all important Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) rankings. An effective blog post is one that informs, references, discusses, captures interest, and is written well.

The following are some good rules to follow to make your blog post effective.

  • Get to the Point
  • Write for Humans and Machines
  • Use Descriptive and Interesting Headings
  • Write Honestly
  • Link Resources
  • Design the Page
  • Involve the Reader

Get to the Point

Put your most important information at the top of the blog post. If you are making your viewer eat the chocolate coating of your Mars bar before they can get to the sweet and gooey caramel nougat on the inside they are going to get impatient. If they really want your information they may stick through it but chances are they are going to find another blog to read. Let them bite into your chocolaty caramel from the beginning as they will grow fat from your knowledge and come back for more.

Write for Humans and Machines

Both humans and machines are going to be reading your blog post, therefore it is important to write for both. These means for humans write effectively, efficiently and write well. Proof read your blog post and make sure your spelling is correct (Oh god I hope I spell everything correct). The Machines will look at your blog post from an SOE perspective. A blog by nature constantly changes information, unlike a standard website, whoes content tends to remain static, requiring the search engines to revisit your site, and increase your rankings. As Rajeev Edmonds explains contextual linking is also able to enhance your blogs ranking. Though an external link from other sources carries more weight in the SEO game, internal contextual linking both allows the viewer to read closer on new topics arisen within the post, but contextual linking can help bost the SEO rankings of blog posts that aren’t performing well.

Use Descriptive and Interesting Headings

Let the reader know what they are getting into. Humans have learnt from newspapers to skim through large bodies of text by looking at the headings. If confronted by a large wall of text with no warning of what lies within, we will move onto something else. Also important to note is the use of your Heading tags. Within your blog’s WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) you will have to ability to apply Heading formats. These will make your headings look good but will also improve your SEO ratings.

Write Honestly

Write as though you were speaking. A blog is a way of communicating to your reader. Let them get to know you. How many times have you gone to a seminar or speech and just couldn’t pay attention to what they were saying no matter how hard you tried? Chances are you being talked too rather then talk with. Try to engage the reader by bringing your personality into the writing, even if it means using a popular chocolate confectionary as a analogy.

Link Resources

Should people take what you at your word because you say your an expert? Rajeev Edmonds would say... No. If you link to another blog or some other form of information or resource your reader will thank you.

Design the Page

No one wants to see a great wall of text. Let your inner graphic designer run free on your blog site. There are a couple of things you can add to your blog post to make it interesting to view.

  • Headings and Sub-Headings
  • Colour Changes Images
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Examples Quotes
  • Indented Notes
  • Icons
  • Bold and Italics
  • Bullet Points (see what I did there?)

This doesn’t mean that every post has to have these items, however, in moderation these simple options can turn Hyundai into a BWM.

Involve The Reader

Pose questions, open discussion on topics, create debates and build your blog into a community. Leave your comments section open to allow people to share there own opinions and experiences. Not only will you engage the reader but you may find out some information that you didn’t know.

Speaking of involving the reader, there are many factors to creating an effective blog post, have I missed anything that you would say is important for a blog post to have in order to be effective?


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