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Top 10 Video Sharing Sites

Tuesday, August 31, 2010 -

We take a look at the top 10 video sharing sites to help you determine the right place to post your videos.


  1. Educational videos online
  2. Uploaders profit share in the rental of the educational videos. This encourages not only quality video but also self-marketing
  3. Upload; add materials, share, group into courses, etc
  4. With upload, design, and interface changes on the way, this is the most viable educational video alternative as the ad supported video structure begins to fail


  1. Eyespot offers an easy-to-use video uploading and remixing.
  2. You have the ability to trim the beginning and end, reorder clips on a timeline, add music and photos.
  3. You can post to a group or invite a friend to the service.
  4. Uploading is super easy but has a 25MB file size limit that could often be too small. We feel there is not a lot of reason to use Eyespot, in its current incarnation.

Google Video

  1. Pro: It's Google
  2. Con: It's Google
  3. Typically clean and sparse Google layout. Uploading requires you download the Google Video Uploader. Allows you to add plenty of metadata, including a transcript.
  4. No editing and Google Video requires a "video verification" process, where your submission is reviewed to ensure it conforms to Google's technical standards and legal policies.


  1. YouTube with a file-sharing application built on top.
  2. For full functionality, requires an application download. Windows Media Player-based (converts other formats). Ratings, tagging, groups, RSS feeds.
  3. You can post direct to myspace, friendster, eBay. Download to hard drive, iPod.
  4. This file-sharing application seems is undifferentiated from existing options. "Groovies" will prove much more popular if they can be built online without having to download the app.


  1. Create, edit, and remix video online.
  2. Cool interface and the best editing options of the bunch. Splice your footage, reorder the shots, add music, photos, transitions, even effects-think iMovie in an online interface.
  3. Email to a friend, embed in a web page (worked flawlessly in Wordpress).
  4. This could be the future of online video based on its interface and editing capabilities.


  1. "The Global Home for Grassroots Media."
  2. This thing was slow, confusing, and messy.
  3. No editing capabilities. RSS feeds, email to a friend, direct link to files from your own site.
  4. One of the most difficult sites to upload video to. Current "alpha" version falls far short of potential.


  1. Upload video of any format to the web and post it to other sites or share it with friends.
  2. Requires you download an application in order to upload. The download seamlessly embeds in your browser to give you drag-and-drop functionality.
  3. Basic trimming of beginning and end points. Post direct to eBay, Blogger, and Typepad. Creates a simple URL, lets you email the video, and gives you javascript and html code for embedding in your own pages.
  4. If you only need to post and share video with friends, Videoegg works


  1. Flickr for video.
  2. No download required, simple and easy uploads. Tagging, commenting, voting.
  3. None in the current version. Post to Flickr, send to, download original file, embed in your MySpace profile or blog, create an RSS feed.
  4. Good video quality. Embedding the video in Wordpress worked flawlessly. But: Light on community features, and weekly storage cap of 20 megs is too limiting.


  1. "The fastest, easiest way to upload, watch and share your favorite video clips."
  2. The site looks sweet, period.
  3. Offers "edit this video" functionality
  4. Embed in your own page, MySpace, Typepad, Blogger,, Flickr, Blog It! Lots of community features. But: Didn't live up to their "fastest" or "easiest" claim.


  1. The video-sharing site everyone's already heard of.
  2. Hard to cut through the clutter
  3. Ratings, favorites, flagging, tagging, commenting, create playlists, subscribe to other's uploads, and subscribe to tags.
  4. No editing but you can embed in other websites, including Friendster, eBay, Blogger, MySpace.

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