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Monday, August 22, 2011 -

Recently, the Iceberg System has had a number of updates to allow more social media integration in your sites than ever before. Social Media is a growing part of people's lives, so implementing it on your website encourages customer interaction, as well as giving you a bit of free digital word of mouth. Here are some of the new updates you can take advantage of:

Facebook Like, Comments and Login
For the biggest of the social networks, we have 3 new ways to integrate Facebook into your website using the Iceberg system.

Facebook Like Button
Many of you already have the Facebook 'Like' Button on your websites, but now it is easier than ever to put in where you want it. Simply add the line of code {module_facebooklike} to get the below button to appear where you want it, and away you go!

Facebook Comments
Maybe you've seen some websites already that use Facebook for the comments area on their websites. Facebook Comments allows users to log into their Facebook profile to leave comments in any comment area on your website - automatically showing their display picture, name, likes, etc. If they have their Facebook set to automatically log them in, it will also automatically log them into the comments area on your site so they are ready to comment right away.

Some advantages of using Facebook comments include:

  • Go viral more easily with Facebook built into your site encouraging interaction and sharing
  • Make commenting easy for users - no need to create a membership account or fill out a form
  • Real identities and pictures personalise users experience
  • Automatic Sign-in

Facebook Login
This update allows users to login to various areas on your site using their Facebook accounts. Increase your customer interaction and retention by allowing them to use their Facebook details. Simply register your website with Facebook, select which secure zones they can log into, add the Facebook login box to your login area and you're ready to rock. Customers signing in with their Facebook account automatically create an account on your website with their details, linking their Facebook account to their website account. This can also be changed in the Update Customer Details area.

For the shorter and sweeter Twitter, we have an update that allows you to easily add the Tweet button to your website. Simply add the code {module_twittertweet} to get the below button to appear where you want the Tweet button to be, and it will automatically display it on your website with both a link for users to Tweet about your page, and a number of how many users have already Tweeted it.


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