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100 Spam Trigger Words & Phrases To Avoid

Thursday, September 06, 2012 -

Recently we have had a few clients inquire about increasing the open rate for their email campaigns. On inspecting their content we found that it had 'SPAMMY' words or phrases that the client was unlikely to recognise as a 'SPAMMY'. Unfortunately the content was legitimate and in context of our client's business, but to email spam filters the content could have been perceived as SPAM.

We have listed below 100 SPAM trigger words & phrases to avoid in your email campaigns, these are the less likely words that you would expect to be picked up as SPAM. We have also included some 'Likely' words that still could be used in a legitimate campaign.

  1. #1
  2. 100% satisfied
  3. 4U
  4. Accept credit cards
  5. Act Now!
  6. Additional Income
  7. Affordable
  8. All natural
  9. All new
  10. Amazing
  11. Apply online
  12. Bargain
  13. Best price
  14. Billing address
  15. Buy direct
  16. Call
  17. Call free
  18. Can’t live without
  19. Cards Accepted
  20. Cents on the dollar
  21. Check
  22. Claims
  23. Click / Click Here / Click Below
  24. Click to remove
  25. Compare rates
  26. Congratulations
  27. Cost / No cost
  28. Dear friend
  29. Do it today
  30. Extra income
  31. For free
  32. Form
  33. Free and FREE
  34. Free installation
  35. Free leads
  36. Free membership
  37. Free offer
  38. Free preview
  39. Free website
  40. Full refund
  41. Get it now
  42. Giving away
  43. Guarantee
  44. Here
  45. Hidden
  46. Increase sales
  47. Increase traffic
  48. Information you requested
  49. Insurance
  50. Investment / no investment
  51. Investment decision
  52. Legal
  53. Lose
  54. Marketing
  55. Marketing solutions
  56. Message contains
  57. Money
  58. Month trial offer
  59. Name brand
  60. Never
  61. No gimmicks
  62. No Hidden Costs
  63. No-obligation
  64. Now
  65. Offer
  66. One time / one-time
  67. Opportunity
  68. Order / Order Now / Order today / Order status
  69. Orders shipped by priority mail
  70. Performance
  71. Phone
  72. Please read
  73. Potential earnings
  74. Pre-approved
  75. Price
  76. Print out and fax
  77. Profits
  78. Real thing
  79. Removal instructions
  80. Remove
  81. Risk free
  82. Sales
  83. Satisfaction guaranteed
  84. Save $
  85. Save up to
  86. Search engines
  87. See for yourself
  88. Serious cash
  89. Solution
  90. Special promotion
  91. Success
  92. The following form
  93. Unsolicited
  94. Unsubscribe
  95. Urgent
  96. US dollars
  97. Wife
  98. Win
  99. Winner
  100. Work at home

Bottom line: Avoid using these spam filter trigger words in your e-campaign if you can. Double check your content and ensure it is free of 'SPAMMY' words & phrases as possible. This will help insure your open rates are as high as possible


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